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Our GOVtips Business Insider Programs are designed to prepare you and your company to go to the “next level” and stop chasing multiple small contracts and start capturing single very large engagements. We realized that we were saying the same words and making the same key points in our sales presentations whether it was to win a $1K contract or a $1M contract. So why not invest the same time, money and energy on capturing single high-dollar contracts. Also, we discovered that marketing, strategic planning, and sales experience working with major corporations proved to be directly transferable to both commercial markets and the government sector. We call this the Ping Pong Effect™ and it is a proven business multiplier.

Our GOVtips programs, workshops, boot camps, and mentoring groups will teach you:

  • how to position yourself and your company to move to the next level
  • the nine essential phases of procurement critical to capturing large big dollar contracts
  • how to sell to the World’s Biggest Customers
  • how to increase the dollar value of your contracts
  • to take advantage of the Ping Pong Effect™ and bounce with higher results between the commercial and government marketplaces

Learning these techniques, particularly in today’s economy, can be the difference between earning an annual gross revenue of $500K and capturing a single contract valued at $5M.  This knowledge will give you the confidence to go after the big wins.

You will learn the “how do I do this” from the hands-on been there, done that GOVtips team. Our team consists of a minority women entrepreneur small business owner with over 30 years of experience in the commercial and government marketplaces and a service disabled veteran with a federal and large prime contractor background and over 20 years of business development experience. The GOVtips team has experienced and understands the full spectrum of small and large businesses working within the commercial and government sectors.

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