Your guide to federal contracts


cautionOn July 9, 2013 the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) launched a government-managed reverse auction platform—— available through the National Information Technology Commodity Program (NITCP) of GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).  GSA expects the platform to deliver increased savings for federal agencies on the most commonly purchased office products, equipment and services, while also making it easier for small businesses to compete for the government’s business.

In a reverse auction, sellers compete to win business from agencies; prices will typically decrease as the competitive auction progresses.  GSA’s new reverse auction platform reduces federal agencies’ acquisition processing time and costs, drives prices and costs down, improves transparency and collection of data, and allows for small business set-asides.

This approach to government procurement will be used with a significant number of GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) as a cost-cutting process for buying commonly used products and services. … Continue reading →

Are you out there thinking that since my company doesn’t build or repair ships, doesn’t do IT work, and doesn’t have military subject matter experts to provide to the government I can’t possibly sell in the federal marketplace? If so, don’t think that way! The federal government buys everything! But wait, you say, “my company sells organic cotton grocery totes”, well they buy those too. My company does landscape work; guess what, they buy that also.
The real question is: “How do I find out if the federal government buys the product or service I sell?” It’s easy and in doing this research you can actually learn much more about selling to the government. One way, but not the only way, is to look at what the government buys using a contracting process call a “GSA Schedule” (to learn more about GSA go to GSA is not for “start-ups”… Continue reading →