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Proposal Management Consulting

The GOVtips proposal team has managed dozens of winning proposal efforts for millions of dollars in government and commercial contracts. Our team has experience in all aspects of proposal management from analyzing the requirement to making a bid/no bid decision to submitting a compliant winning proposal. We provide hands-on “been there, done that” training and coaching based on real world knowledge gained from finding opportunities, proposing and winning the work, and managing the contract. This kind of really doing what we talk about is rare in the consulting ranks.

Producing a winning proposal is a project that needs to be managed just like any other project your company accomplishes to provide its goods or services. The typical characteristics of a project are: it is performed by people, constrained by limited resources, and is planned, executed and controlled. If you have ever worked on getting a proposal out the door you know that all these characteristics absolutely apply to the proposal process.

One accepted definition of a project is: a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Creating a proposal is a temporary project undertaken to create a unique document to sell your product or service. The phases of a project directly relate to managing the proposal process: initiating/starting; planning; controlling/supervising; executing; and, closing/ending.

Even though writing a winning proposal is as much “art” as “science” it is still a project and needs to be managed. Therefore, just as your company employs project managers to ensure the health of your bottom line you need qualified proposal managers to win new business and to keep your company growing.

Producing a winning proposal is a project that needs to be managed in the same manner as your core niche business. The key to winning more and winning big is having a repeatable proposal management process. GOVtips provides various levels of consulting services for responding to commercial and government solicitations; including GSA Schedules. GOVtips services include, but are not limited to:

  • One-on-one training of proposal managers and proposal writers.
  • Review of previous proposals and associated materials for lessons learned.
  • Evaluation of current proposal management process
  • Provide guidance on overall proposal management process.
  • Creation of strategic plan with win themes and discriminators.
  • Review and mapping of Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Quotes (RFQ).
  • Green (initial draft) and Red Team (final draft) review of proposals.

GSA Consulting

The GOVtips GSA consulting team has over 20 years of hands-on experience winning GSA MAS (Schedule) contract awards, managing those contracts, and using the GSA Schedule as a vehicle to grow business to the next level. We have successfully marketed our GSA Schedules to potential clients and won millions of dollars in task order awards from multiple federal agencies.

In order to get the most out of a GSA Schedule contract you need to submit a totally compliant offer to GSA for the right Schedule and the right Special Item Number (SIN). Then, after being awarded your GSA contract, you must know how to market that Schedule to win more, win big.

A GSA contract award is for an initial period of five years with three additional five year option periods for a total of 20 years! This is an amazing business development tool that can be marketed to and used by any Federal Executive Branch Department or Agency, including the Department of Defense, and, under certain circumstances can be used as a procurement vehicle by State and Local governments.

Too many companies go after Schedules and SINs that are not aligned with their core capabilities. This is great waste of time and money. You need to be able to answer the questions, “Does the customer buy what I sell and how do they buy it?” Often, especially in federal government contracting, the answer will be, “Yes, they buy my product or service and they do it using GSA contracts.”

The GOVtips GSA consulting team provides services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial analysis of client’s ability to be awarded a GSA contract to include which GSA Schedule and which SINs
  • Managing and compiling all the necessary client data, the preparation and processing, completing and submitting to the appropriate GSA office, all information and documentation in support of an offer for a contract through the GSA
  • Managing and monitoring the offer throughout the complete process
  • Responding to and correcting any “Discrepancies” or “Clarifications” discovered by the GSA contracting office
  • Register client’s new contract with the GSA Vendor Support Center
  • Prepare and submit the required Schedule Input Program (SIP) Catalog files
  • Provide client with SIP training
  • Download approved SIP files to GSAAdvanage!
  • Register client marketing representatives on GSA e-Buy
  • Prepare and distribute the required GSA Authorized Pricelist
  • Prepare, coordinate and submit annual contract price adjustments as provided for in GSA contracts
  • Provide training and assistance to client to ensure maximum business development benefits from GSA Advantage, FedBizOpps and GSA E-Buy
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Small Business:

GOVtips offers consulting and training in the following areas:
  • Federal acquisition process
  • Mentor/Protégé relationship
  • Capabilities statements and winning presentations
  • GSA schedule
  • Small business certifications
  • Selling to the government

Large Business:

GOVtips offers support in the following areas:
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Program/Project Management
  • Meeting small business  and diversity goals
  • Federal sales training
  • Government relations
  • Proposal Management

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