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This is the fourth and final blog in a series of blogs that I will do related to the recently issued memorandum detailing the Department of Defense (DoD) Source Selection Procedures for acquisitions utilizing FAR Part 15 procedures (see links below). The purpose of this new document is to standardize the methodology and approach that DoD uses to conduct competitively negotiated source selections. The procedures defined are effective as of July 1, 2011.

The contracting official must debrief an offeror upon receipt of its written, timely request (See FAR 15.503 and 15.505). The debriefing serves to assure offerors that the Government properly evaluated their proposals and made the award determination in accordance with the RFP. Since each offeror puts considerable resources into preparing and submitting a proposal, fairness dictates that the contracting official promptly debrief offerors and explain why a proposal was excluded from the competitive range or was successful or unsuccessful. Timely and thorough debriefings increase competition, encourage offerors to continue to invest resources in the Government marketplace, and enhance the Government’s relationship and credibility with industry. The debriefing also provides feedback to offerors to assist in improving future proposal submissions. Always request a debriefing! Win or lose. Be prepared in order to get the most from your debriefing. Below are examples of questions you might ask.

• Please explain the basis for the strengths, weaknesses, or deficiencies in our proposal for each evaluation factor and sub-factor.
• Were there any solicitation requirements that we failed to address? If so, what were they?
• Please explain how past performance was evaluated. What was our rating? How was that rating applied to the source selection process?
• Was there anything not required by the solicitation that we could have offered that might have made us more competitive for the award?
• What were the most critical evaluation criteria that proved to be tiebreakers in the evaluation of proposals?

Subpart 15.1-Source Selection Processes and Techniques

DOD Source Selection Procedures

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