Your guide to federal contracts
dona-storey-banner For over 30 years, Doña has been a successful business owner; the last 20 of which being spent working with the world’s biggest customers: government and publicly traded global corporations. Doña can honestly say that she went from “clueless to contracts” in a relatively short time. This is especially significant because she entered the federal marketplace not as a former government employee or from the military ranks but as somewhat of a novice.

“I was exposed to business, and started
learning from a successful serial
entrepreneur at the age of five… my dad, a
first generation immigrant to America who
taught me much of what I know. Being rooted
in an entrepreneurial home alleviated much of
the fear and intimidation that comes with
doing “big-business” and I was confidently
able to take on the daunting tasks that
confronted me.”

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Her strength, experience, and training were keenly focused on what we now call “branding”; the art of strategically launching a new product or new area of business.

After overcoming some of the very common challenges of a small company, such as how to gain financing and where to find these new customers, Doña earned a reputation as someone who could help others to succeed.

Today Doña is a popular speaker, professional moderator, spokesperson, and mentor who helps teach other companies how they too can successfully grow by doing business with governments and large corporations.

Doña, in some cases, works with large corporations, helping them to understand how to look for and attract small business partners that can bring value to their operations and help develop a mutually beneficial capture strategy.