Your guide to federal contracts

Go the SBA website to learn more about how to get 8(m) certified. In the mean time you should begin thinking about whether becoming a vendor to the federal government is right for you. Are you a person who is willing to take on a whole new way of doing business? Do you think in terms of real growth and expansion in our systems as well as opportunities? One of the greatest areas for potential growth will be when you want to grow your FORTUNE 500 customer base. Those business processes you develop while working in the federal marketplace will enhance your abilities to grow larger more diverse customers around the country if you choose to do so. I call this the Ping Pong Effect…the ability to bounce back into the commercial sector bigger and better than before. Go to these websites to learn more.

SBA Releases Final Women-Owned Small Business Rule to Expand Access to Federal Contracting Opportunities
SBA Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) Program
75 FR 62258 – Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program

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