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Government Shutdown

Department of TransportationPlans by Operating Administration

September 27, 2013

Certain personnel are required to provide support services to safety personnel and to provide for the orderly shutdown of FAA activities.  In general, it will take approximately four hours to shut down most of the agency’s non-excepted activities, with the possible exception of activities necessary to issue stop work orders on contracts and employee furlough notices.  FAA expects that the orderly shutdown work of contracting officers will be done within one day.  Other activities may take two to three days to complete and will involve human resources and budget/finance personnel.  Individuals providing support services to safety positions will report to work to provide employees excepted for the purpose directly protecting life and property with necessary legal, information technology, labor relation, and contract support services.

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While highway construction and safety programs have not been affected by the shutdown of the federal government, investigations of the National Transportation Safety Board and economic indicators released by the government have been hampered. Read the full article here.